Sale is better than fair-launch because it’s fair between people an not affected by bots

Announcement One Stage Sale and Airdrops Instant Claim VToken Finance

1.All Buy And Airdrops Instant Claim VToken on Website
2.VToken not sell or buy on Pancake or Dex Exchange
3.VToken not add liquidity on Pancake or Dex Sale
4.You can go to to buy, claim and get refferals link. Get reward 70% VTN and 30% BNB of their presale deposit and Airdrops Instant Claim.
5.You can start to swap VToken After August, 27 2021 till forever only on

Why One Stage Sale

1.We want more people to own VToken than a few whales with big bags…


VTOKEN is a next generation on chain liquidity provider, which leverages the about VTOKEN algorithm to provide pure on chain and contract fillable liquidity for everyone. VTOKEN accepts liquidity providers assets. It gathers funds near market prices to provide sufficient liquidity. In order to minimize counterparty risks for LP, VTOKEN dynamically adjusts market prices to encourage arbitrage to step in and stabilize LP portfolios. Comparing to other on chain liquidity solutions, VTOKEN has multiple advantages high fund single risk exposure, utilization, low slippage, reduced impermanent loss.

As a trader, you can see these features each and every trader enjoys sufficient…

VToken Finance

Trade Invest Issue Your Crypto Assets With Market Leading Liquidity

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